Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are you?

Gospel.Claims is a ministry of Alan Fahrner, an ordinary guy who knows it’s all about Jesus, and who wants to help others discover that too.

Okay, Alan is a minister, but a pretty ordinary, voluntary minister whose full-time job is in IT for a healthcare provider. 🙂

Why do you use the King James Version?

We won’t always use the King James (and Alan personally mostly uses the English Standard Version and New International Version).

However, if you are familiar with what goes on with translations, new ones are coming out every few years. So, instead of latching on to a new, popular version, only to have it become “old” relatively soon after, we prefer to use the ever-reliable translation that is most responsible for the Word getting out to the English-speaking world. Not to mention, nothing else has had as great an influence on how English is spoken than it.